"When we joined Pillars Academy, we felt at home from the first day"
"Our daughter has discovered pride in her Muslim identity"
"My children love to go to school"
"The encouragement my kids have received has helped them build a very strong character"
"Pillars Academy is the best investment we would ever make towards our daughter's future."
"Our kids' passion and interest for Islam is evident"

Board of Trustees

The OCIF Education Committee consists of community members who encompass a broad range of skills and experiences. They have devoted their time, skills and resources, and function together as the governing body of Pillars Academy.

The structure of the Committee is designed to enable members to individually and collectively provide ongoing operational support and mentoring to appointed leads entrusted with Pillars Academy mission and vision. The Committee is dedicated to developing strategies for the continuity of its efforts, all the while maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect and professionalism.