"When we joined Pillars Academy, we felt at home from the first day"
"Our daughter has discovered pride in her Muslim identity"
"My children love to go to school"
"The encouragement my kids have received has helped them build a very strong character"
"Pillars Academy is the best investment we would ever make towards our daughter's future."
"Our kids' passion and interest for Islam is evident"

Runa Arghandehwal

I majored in economics and general mathematics, and received my degree in Afghanistan. I love teaching children about Islam and sharing with them all that I know; but most of all, I just love being around chihldren! I have been a teacher for 10 years and have been enjoying every bit of it. I am happy to be a part of Pillars Academy and love to continue being so! I love teaching here because of the islamic values that I can share with my children, and because the Prophet Muhammad was also a teacher also because of the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) being teacher too. I love teaching in general because of the calm and comfortable environment.