School Uniform

At Pillars Academy we believe in instilling positive behaviors and attitudes in our young students. Extensive research has been done affirming the correlation between dress code and behavior. Students come to wear their uniforms with pride, demonstrating good citizenship and appearance at all times.

Uniform Dress Code

  • Boys may wear dark blue slacks or long shorts along with a light blue polo shirt.
  • Girls may wear plaid uniform jumpers with their light blue blouse over dark blue slacks or pants. They may wear either navy blue opaque tights, leggings, jeggings, or pants under the jumper. They may also dress similar to the above “Boy’s” Dress code.
  • Navy blue cardigans with logos are required for all children in cool weather.
  • All children should wear white or dark colored socks and black or navy blue dress shoes with a good sturdy sole.
  • For field trips, weekly trips to the park, and sports day activities, students are required to wear Pillars Academy logo shirts which are available for $12 at the front office.
    -Tops and outerwear is preferred to have embroidered Pillars Academy logo, and can be ordered from Land’s End.

Where to Order Uniform Items

Please click here to view our school’s ordering instructions with Lands End or you can visit Lands End to order affordable and high quality Pillars Academy uniforms. The preferred number is 900148883.

A uniform is required on the first day of class, please plan accordingly!

“Navy blue pants and light blue shirts can be purchased from Target or Walmart, also.”

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