"When we joined Pillars Academy, we felt at home from the first day"
"Our daughter has discovered pride in her Muslim identity"
"My children love to go to school"
"The encouragement my kids have received has helped them build a very strong character"
"Pillars Academy is the best investment we would ever make towards our daughter's future."
"Our kids' passion and interest for Islam is evident"

Toddler Programs

Pillars Academy’s Toddler Program is designed for children between eighteen and twenty-four months with a teacher/child ratio of 1:5. Our teachers, who are trained in early childhood education, guide each child to learn to become more independent and at the same time be safe with themselves as well as with others.

Toddlers learn to play in a group by sharing and taking turns. We encourage interaction and the development of social skills through socialization with peers and teachers. Use of books, puppets and daily communication facilitates verbal interaction. Daily group activities include circle time, singing, story time as well as various other indoor and outdoor activities.

The daily schedule is also filled with numerous hands on activities to stimulate children’s curiosity including painting, coloring, arts and craft projects, structured play and free play. Children are also encouraged to become self-sufficient at an age when their gross and fine motor skills along with their verbalization skills are rapidly developing.

We establish a safe, loving and stimulating environment, where children feel free to learn and grow at their own pace. Simple rules are introduced and reviewed daily.

Program Options

Our toddler program schedule includes the following flexible options:

5 Day Option Monday - Friday
3 Day Option Monday/Wednesday/Friday
2 Day Option Tuesday/Thursday

We also offer full day and half day schedules:

Full Day 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Half Day 8:00 AM – 11:30PM