Soheila Behzadnieh


My Masters in Education is from the University of Florida and I received my Early Childhood Education from Irvine Valley College.

I have worked as a volunteer instructor at many different Islamic or educational centers, such as ISOC, OCIF, and ECEF; teaching students at levels ranging from Preschool through teen years. I have also been the head of the ECEF Public Relation Committee for more than two decades. I have formally been a Preschool/ Pre K Lead teacher since 2003.

I am a mother of two girls and two boys. My hobbies are hiking, gardening, garnishing, reading, arts and craft. My goal is to facilitate and provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for my students while maintaining a safe, supportive, fun, and educational classroom environment. Overall, I would like to make a positive difference in my community and to “Be the Change I wish to see” in it, by playing a vital role in flourishing Pillars Academy as a Life Development School.

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