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Our children are our most important asset. The future of the Muslim community in Orange County is directly dependent on how much time and effort we dedicate to providing our children with the foundational knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices, enhancing both their intellectual and Islamic growth.
The Orange County Islamic Foundation (OCIF) recognizes the importance of this crucial task and therefore they have made this foundational education available through the Pillars Academy Weekend School (PAWS) program.
The PAWS’ program reflects our commitment to a meaningful education by addressing the needs of the individual student.
We welcome parents’ input, ideas and support in our mission to serve the growing population of Muslim children in the local community. By working in a true partnership with parents we intend to maximize the investment of time, effort and resources so that the students and parents have a rewarding, valuable, and satisfying experience at PAWS.


The mission of PAWS is to guarantee that each student achieves excellence in Islamic knowledge that will aid them in becoming a responsible citizen. By engaging our children in programs that meet the highest educational, ethical, and Islamic standards we can create a collaborative learning community. Insha’Allah, we will continue to grow with the help and support of parents in various school activities. May Allah guide us and keep us on the straight path.

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