Infants and Toddlers Program

Infants – (3 months to 18 months)

  • Ratio of 4:1
  • Experienced, dedicated, and caring teachers
  • Quality learning materials
  • Strong relationships with infants, helping them feel safe and loved.
  • Open Communication with personalized daily report
  • Accommodates breastfed, formula-fed, jarred or homemade purees
  • Teachers feed one on one and refrain from propped bottles
  • Dedicated crib for young infant and a cot for older infant

Toddlers – (19 months to 3 years)

Learning opportunities that build on infant program fostering social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of child.

  • 18 months – 3 years
  • Ratio of 5:1
  • Play based curriculum designed to promote creativity through self-discovery, curiosity and fun trials
  • Expressing creativity through Art
  • Independently engages in hands on activities
  • Music and Movement with rhymes and nasheeds
  • Strengthen large motor skills in planned outdoor activities
  • Acquire language from the environment and learn to use words to express needs
  • Positive toilet training experience

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  1. Hello there,

    I have a 6 month old baby girl. Do you have availability, and what is your pricing for full-time (Mon-Fri) ?

    Please let met know.


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