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Parent Teacher Council

Monthly PTC meetings will take place every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8:00am. Please come and participate!

To view planned events, see the school calendar.

The Parent Teacher Council (PTC) is a volunteer arm of Pillars Academy established to support the school’s goals and create an environment that will be nurturing and uplifting for all.


The purpose of the Pillars Academy PTC is to:
1. Support the mission, vision, and philosophy of the school
2. Promote a sense of community among parents and the school
3. Provide financial support for school needs and activities
4. Create opportunities for parent involvement in the school
5. Create activities that will allow for school fundraising
6. Provide for Eid functions and sub-committees

What is PTC?

Our Parent-Teacher Council consists of individuals working together to support and enrich Pillars Academy. The PTC supports school staff, promotes student self-esteem, and solves school needs through volunteering and funding.

Room parents working together with our staff, conduct monthly meetings to plan valuable family activities and fundraising events. Check out the list of events in the school’s annual calendar. There is always a project underway for you to help with!

Smaller scale PTC activities happen daily at Pillars Academy. Whether it’s volunteering in a classroom or preparing treats for staff appreciation week, we encourage all Pillars Academy parents to participate whenever possible. Attending monthly PTC meetings isn’t a prerequisite!

The heart of the PTC really is this everyday working relationship between parents and staff. The effort put forth on a daily basis at Pillars Academy is extraordinary. On behalf of Pillars Academy, we would like to thank each parent, staff member and volunteer who works so hard all year long to make our school an educationally enriched environment for our kids.

Thank you for your commitment to our students.

Sign up today to be a PTC member. Together we can make a difference!

Read the policy

PTC Structure


The PTC of Pillars Academy is a volunteer service organization consisting of parents, teachers and community members. Anyone who wishes to is welcome to join the PTC at the beginning of each school year. Membership requires your participation, input and a $25 fee.

Responsibilities of the PTC
– The PTC will conduct all business in accordance with its purpose and in cooperation with school administration and with the approval of the School Director.
– PTC officers shall collaborate on all projects, activities and proposals and make decisions based on a majority vote. The School Head may exercise a veto power over any issue deemed central to the well-being of the school.


The PTC is comprised of:
– PTC officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer)
– School Head
– School Liaison (Appointed by the School Head)
– Chairs of Standing Committees
– Room Parents
– All members
– Election /Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Members:
– PTC President
– School Head
– Current School Liason
– Past PTC President
The Committee is responsible for identifying, recruiting and appointing qualified candidates.

The appointment process is as follows:
– Candidate names will be solicited in April of each year.
– The Committee will review the qualifications and select nominees for further consideration.
– A Committee member will then be selected to approach the final nominees for the acceptance of their respective positions.
– Upon confirmation of all appointments, the new officers will be announced at the final PTC meeting.
– A meeting will then take place to review guidelines and responsibilities in detail. Further meetings will then be scheduled with the School Head in order to set the calendar of events for the following year.

– Appointed for one year terms with no person serving in any position for more than 2 consecutive years.
– Officers may resign via written notice to the President of the PTC or the School Head
– Interim appointments designated by the President, in consultation with the school head, will terminate upon approval of the following year’s officers.
– All PTC activities, present, and future, including but not limited to, financial statement, social event, fundraising activities, flyers, parent correspondences, and officer grievances must be communicated and pre-approved by the School Head.

– Must possess effective leadership, teamwork and communication skills.
– Generally supervise, control and direct the affairs of the PTC.
– Assign and designate, in consultation with the School Head, individuals and/or groups to specific committees and/or events.
– Attend regularly scheduled PTC meetings and PTC officer meetings.
– Meet regularly with the School Head.
– Consult all officers and committee chairs on matters concerning the affairs of the PTC.
– Co-sign, as necessary, check written on behalf of the PTC.
– Write a column for the monthly school newsletter.
– Speak on behalf of the PTC at school social events.

Vice President
– Must possess effective leadership, teamwork and communication skills.
– Attend all regularly scheduled PTC officer meetings.
– Chair one of the assigned committees.
– Oversee any and all specific activities assigned to him/her by the President.
– Assume the President’s position in the event of absence or non-availability.

– Must possess computer literacy, English fluency and strong note taking skills.
– Responsible for organizing all meetings and notifying all involved seven days in advance. All meetings must be pre-approved by the School Head and President.
– Attend and record minutes at all officer and monthly PTC meetings.
– Prepare correspondences, flyers, etc. All communications must be pre-approved by the School Head and President.
– Organize book of minutes in a timely manner.
– Convey all written documents to the School Head.

– Must possess bookkeeping, accounting and computer skills.
– Work with PTC officers to develop a budget.
– Maintain accurate financial records of all incoming and outgoing transactions, i.e. deposits, checks, etc.
– Responsible for account balancing, receivable, payables, etc.
– Provide the President and School Head with an annual Financial report, containing all monthly financial statements as well as a weekly account of money deposited and/or withdrawn from the PTC account.
– Ensure that all purchases from the PTC account are written on Purchase Order Requests and pre-approved by the School Head.
– Collect all money from various committee chairs within 48 hours of fundraising events and deposit promptly into the PTC account

School Liason
– Exclusively responsible for serving as a liaison between the school and the PTC.

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