Unit Themes

Global Perspective Themes & Islamic Values

Islamic Values for leadership development drive our thematic academic units which promote a global perspective across all secular subjects, specials, and religious studies.

Unit One

Who We Are

Responsibility & Commitment

Be responsible for your actions
Be responsible for your classroom
Be responsible for your belongings
Be committed to God and your faith
Be committed to personal excellence
Be committed to your family and your community

Unit Two

Where We Are in Time & Place

Honesty & Respect

Be honest to practicing Islam with your actions
Be honest in striving for excellence in all you do
Be honest with your words and keep your promises
Respect ourselves and parents
Respect the rights and beliefs of others
Respect our life, property and Allah’s bounty

Unit Three

How We Express Ourselves

Kindness & Charity

Be kind to all living things
Be kind to your family and friends
Be kind to your neighbors and the elderly
Give to the world around you.
Give from what Allah gave you
Give of yourself in leading by example

Unit Four

How The World Works

Fairness & Justice

Treat others as you would like to be treated
Treat everyone fairly and be aware of biases
Treat those different from you with respect
Be just and care for the environment
Stand for justice for children of the world
Reflect on the justice of Allah’s gifts to us

Unit Five

Sharing The Planet

Confidence & Independence

Be confident that you can make a difference every day
Be confident and humble to accept guidance for success
Compliment your friends to encourage and motivate them
Lead by example by independently completing tasks with pride
Independently share responsibilities at home and school
Seek independence to give back to your community and the world

Unit Six

How We Organize Ourselves

Courage & Persistence

Have courage to stand up for others when they are in need
Have courage to live by your family values wherever you are
Have courage to strive for higher expectations at school and home
Persist to be the positive example of a Muslim in the community
Persist to make your college dreams a reality by going after your goals
Persist to achieve excellence in your academics and extra-curriculars

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