School Books and Supplies

Please make sure that all books are purchased and labeled with your child’s name. It is important that students come to school with their text books and school supplies. It indicates a lack of interest and seriousness if students come to school unprepared. The school and the staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen item. Parents will have to replace any books lost by their child. If the newly purchased books are returned, they should be in their original unused condition. Used books will not be accepted.


School Schedule

Below is the Weekend School Schedule for the current academic year.
From August 25th and 26th, 2018 to June 16th & June 17th, 2019

A Reminder that on November 4, 2018: Day Light Savings ends. Please move your clocks back 1 hour.

And on March 10, 2019: Day Light Savings begins. Please move your clocks forward 1 hour.


School Committee

The school committee consists of the following members who overlook the operation and needs of the school:
Mohannad Malas
Jihan Assaf
Nafisa Husain
Abdul Hafiz Dandan


Student Responsibilities

These rules will help students of all ages to learn and realize their personal potential:

  • Accept personal responsibility to help build a healthy, lifelong learning community.
  • Regular and punctual attendance is an important responsibility of the parent and student. Absence disrupts the continuity of the education, making it difficult not only for the student but for the teacher as well.
  • Come to school on time with prepared assignments. Students that are more than 15 minutes late to the assembly must go to the office first.
  • Students must remain in the school building for their own safety during school hours.
  • Eating, drinking and chewing gum will not be tolerated in the classrooms.
  • Students who are disobedient, use obscene language or engage in behavior unbecoming to a Muslim will be given a verbal warning. Parents will be notified if this behavior is repeated and will be required to attend a meeting with the director and teacher in order to discuss a course of action.
  • Be polite and gracious and show respect for teachers, administrators and peers.
  • Have respect for the safety of others and do not engage in any action that endangers one another.
  • Respect teachers’ and other people’s ideas and values by listening carefully and avoiding insults.
  • Respect each other’s property: return the borrowed, replace the broken, and clean the untidy.
  • Avoid immoral behavior because our thoughts, words and actions strengthen our Islamic character.
  • All students are required to dress according to the Islamic guidelines of modesty. Boys should wear long or short sleeve shirts and full-length pants. Girls should wear loose-fitting, full-length garments and a scarf covering the head.

Parent’s Responsibilities

  • Parents should drop their children at the main entrance of the Masjid and school five minutes before the start of school and pick them up promptly when school ends.
  • Make sure your children have all their required books and that they bring them to school. A backpack is recommended to keep all materials together.
  • Please make sure that your children have a proper breakfast before they come to school.
  • Please send snacks with your children for their 10-minute break.
  • Please check with your children for homework assignments and quiz dates. Your involvement, help and support are essential ingredients for the success of this program.
  • It is the parent‛s responsibility to make sure that your children submit their homework assignments on time. All homework assignments are checked and graded.
  • Please DO NOT hesitates to communicate with your child‛s teacher regarding any issues that need to be resolved.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences must be attended when scheduled.
  • Help reinforce what your children are learning in school by incorporating the lessons throughout the week.
  • Islam is a natural and honorable way of life, encourage your children to value and appreciate this blessed gift from Allah Subhanahu wa-ta‛ala.
  • If a student needs to be picked up early, this request must be made in the school’s office at the start of school. Since the school is only four hours a week, parents are encouraged to delay any social events until after school hours so their children can fully participate in the school.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that your children are dressed appropriately.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Sign-in when you arrive and sign-out at the end of the school session.
  • Mark student attendance for every school day.
  • Follow the curriculum and prepare a lesson plan in advance.
  • Make sure the students have their books and all study materials with them.
  • Homework assignments should be given and collected on a regular basis.
  • Communicate with the director regarding any concerns you have with students as well as for other support as needed.
  • Communicate with parents when needed.
  • Incorporate Qur‛an and Hadith quotes and stories routinely in the program of study in order to motivate and encourage students in adopting Islamic values and attitudes.
  • Please make sure your record books are complete, including: student’s full name, phone number and a parent or guardian’s name.
  • Please be present every school day. When you must be absent due to unavoidable circumstances, please call in advance.
  • Arrange for a substitute teacher when you are going to be absent.
  • Make sure that the students do not touch or use the school property.
  • Contact parents for any help needed in their children’s progress.
  • Please keep copier use to a minimum and make your photocopies if possible, in advance.
  • Please set the standard guidelines for the class and encourage students to follow them.
  • Teaching young children involves patience, repetition and firmness.
  • All good conduct should be recognized, encouraged and documented for awards.
  • The Student of the Month nomination encourages students to improve in all areas.

Parent – Teacher Conferences

In order to help your child have a successful school year, we need to know what is expected of the teacher. You can find out by asking some questions and taking notes.

  • Parent-teacher conferences can be arranged in order to coordinate the efforts of teachers and parents in achieving learning objectives.
  • For serious, unresolved issues, a director-teacher-parent meeting may be scheduled.
  • Please submit any complaints in writing for our records.

Parent Involvement

PAWS invites all parents and community members to take an active role in the Islamic education process by assisting with enrichment activities and providing assistance to the staff.
Parents are always welcome to volunteer during special event activities, such as Qur‛an competitions and the Annual Day Program. Homeroom helpers are welcome as well.

Please notify the office and the teacher if you would like to participate. We encourage feedback and suggestions from the parents. The success of our mission of providing quality education in an Islamic environment relies heavily on the interaction between the school and home.
Parents are encouraged to keep up with their child‛s academic progress and to attend all announced meetings. They are also encouraged to check their children’s backpacks for homework assignments and notices. Parents may request a meeting with their child‛s teacher at any time during the school year by making an appointment in the office.

Parents can use the following mailing lists to send emails to committee members, volunteers, all teachers or a teacher of a particular class level:


Volunteering has a meaningful and positive impact on our community. Our volunteers are a great part of our success at PAWS. We rely heavily on them in order to effectively run our school. What better way is there to connect with our community and give a little back?
There are many volunteer opportunities available to take advantage of, especially if you have a specific skill set. Please fill out our Volunteer Form, get involved and be part of our weekend school. We encourage each family to volunteer for at least one day for the school. Volunteer groups work in conjunction with the school administration in supporting the various activities and functions held at the school.

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