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Toddler Program:

Our Toddler Program is enriched with a soothing environment, secured open indoor and outdoor spaces, child-sized furniture, defined areas for different activities such as sleeping, eating etc and diverse toys and books for motor and healthy brain development. Curriculum includes music and movement, reading time, art, and sensory activities. Our Toddler Program provides learning opportunities fostering social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of child.

Early Childhood Program:

Our Preschool and Pre-K program enhances and builds upon the other programs. STEAM is a big part of our curriculum and children take part in many hands on fun-filled activities throughout the day. Curriculum also includes perfecting the phonics and numbers so they are well prepared for kindergarten. 

TK - Kindergarten Program:

These foundation years empower learners with project based learning, immersion in English & Arabic languages to develop literacy and critical thinking skills across core subjects, Islamic Studies, Arabic and Quran throughout their day! 

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