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Religious Studies

The goal of our religious studies program is for each and every child to develop a positive image of him/herself as a Muslim. The curriculum is divided into three areas, each taught by a teacher who specializes in the subject matter.



Pillars Academy students are taught that the Quran is a source of divine knowledge that must be read, understood, committed to memory, and most importantly, applied to daily life. Students are also taught to read the Quran with proper pronunciation.


Islamic Studies

The goal of our Islamic studies curriculum is to teach students to embody Islam in all aspects of their lives. To that end, students attend classes where they learn about Islamic mannerisms and values, the pillars of Islam, stories of the prophets, how to perform ablutions and daily prayers, daily duas to be recited, the seerah, and the Islamic calendar, among other topics.

Arabic Language

Pillars Academy’s Arabic language curriculum is developed to enhance students’ understanding of the language of the Quran. Aligning to the school wide global perspective themes, Arabic lessons are designed to engage students in making connections across their core secular subjects, Arabic language, Quran and Islamic Studies. Students attend Arabic class on a daily basis where they are taught to read, write and converse in Arabic.

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