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Ms. Zubeda Kazi - Director I am the director of the school. I am a mother of three children, and have two grandchildren. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Early Childhood Education, Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Science and Director permit form California Teaching Credentials. As each child is unique, my job as an educator and a director of the school is to help them discover their individuality and work alongside them to maximize their strengths.

Ms. Amani Chalati - Special Subjects Teacher My name is Amani Abdulbaki Chalati . I have a 19 years old daughter. I am certified as an early childhood and school age educator and I have been teaching for almost 20 years. I like teaching the age 31/2 – 12 years old group because I value their building blocks of education and love the energy and excitement that small children display. I want to help children with special challenges and develop special relationships with them.

Ms. Faieza – Special Subjects Teacher In 2015, Ms. Faieza was named one of the Best 25 Teachers in Orange County by Parenting OC Magazine. She loves to introduce her students to the Quran and the Arabic language. She enjoys seeing their excitement when they learn new surahs, letters, and words, which they then get to share to with their families. She finds teaching through music and movement is the best way to engage with her young students. Ms. Faieza speaks Arabic and English.

Ms. Niran – Lead PreK Teacher Ms. Niran has her BS in Electrical Engineering and her California Teacher’s Permit. Her teaching philosophy is grounded in play-based learning, with respect for each student’s uniqueness and individuality. Her goal is to make each child feel special. She especially enjoys working in as Islamic school where there are many different cultures and backgrounds. She loves taking walks along the beach and spending time with her family. She speaks Arabic and English.

Ms. Runa - Toddlers Teacher Ms. Runa has a BS in Mathematics, and has been teaching for 18 years. She enjoys teaching toddlers because at this age she gets to teach them new everyday simple skills and see the excitement on their faces when they learn it. She wants her students to learn basic manners and respect that will help them later on. She speaks Pashto, Urdu, and English.

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Ms. Sana- Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Sana has a BA in Communication Studies and an Associate's in Liberal Arts: Teacher Education from CSUF. Her educational experience runs from being a speech and Debate coach for 3 years to doing her observations for her credentials at a public school. Her classroom vision is to create a safe learning space for students with different educational needs. In her free time, she enjoys early morning walks at the beach, and growing her houseplant collection.


Ms. Noor- Special Subject Teacher Ms. Noor started working at Pillars since 2019, She has BA in Accounting and Finance. She enjoy working with children and she believes that the after school program has given the children the freedom to express their creative side, think, and discover new talents. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family. She speaks Arabic and English


Ms. Hasina – PreK Teacher Ms. Hasina has been teaching at Pillars since 2014, and working with children at public and private schools since 2004. She has her BA in Liberal Studies from CSU Long Beach and her Master Teacher’s Permit through CCTCD. She has a passion for early childhood education, where she can watch the children learn and grow. In her free time, she loves reading, road trips, hiking, and spending time with her family. She speaks Pashto, Farsi, English, German, and Urdu.

Ms. Banan

Ms. Banan - Special Subject Teacher Ms. Banan Has Bachelor degree in Accounting from Jordan. She has 12 units in Child Development and loves working with kids and being around them. She has a 16 year old girl and 11 year boy. She loves to read in her free time.


Ms. Jowan - Toddler Teacher Ms. Jowan has been teaching the toddlers class at Pillars academy since 2018. She is a graduate of Saddleback Collage. She enjoys teaching our youngest students because of their natural curiosity and joyful spirits. She speaks Arabic, Kurdish, and English

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Ms. Fiona - Office Manager Ms. Fiona is a former Pillars parent who loves the school's approach to early childhood education so much, she joined the team! She truly believes that the early childhood years are the most crucial for building character, laying academic foundations, and instilling lifelong confidence. Her role is to support teachers and parents so that each child can maximize their potential. In her down time, she likes to cozy up with her kids and read books.


Ms.Rihab - Office Manager Ms. Rihab has certificate in Child Development from Lebanon, she also studied Psychology for 3 years while working as a teacher. In addition to participating in several training sessions related to her major as "Raising Children using Neuro Linguistics technique (NLP), and Neuro Linguistic Programming in 3 levels, and so on. Working with children made her realize that being unforgettable teacher and well known psychologist is her greatest goal.

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