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Why Parents Love Pillars Academy


This is a beautiful school and community where the love for students is palpable. My child enjoys it here and misses her friends when she's away.

Narjes M. 12/16/2019

Pillars has been my sons home for the last three years and I can't thank the teachers and staff enough for treating him like their own. My son is happy to go in every day and has a fun and full day with his classmates. The parents and students are great and all very friendly and welcoming. His social skills as well as his academic skills have improved so much. I love Pillars and highly recommend it.

Natania A. 11/28/2018

Love the school. My son goes to Pre-K and his teacher is very sweet and caring. The school never has parking problems and it's next to the Islamic center which makes it super convenient for someone like me. I would send my kid here all the way till high school if they offered it!

Mohammed S. 9/6/2017

Amazing school, the classes have small number of kids which make the teachers focus with each child and the results is amazing, I am so grateful to the teachers and the whole school.

Submitted by a parent · May 23, 2016

I have been a parent at this school for six years, starting at pre-school. My children have thrived academically, spiritually and socially. They love school, they love their teachers and they love their friends. Its the only other place besides home that i feel absolutely at ease leaving my kids.

Submitted by a parent · July 20, 2015

PIllars is an amazing school that provides a wholesome environment where kids can stay kids for as long as they need. Differentiated curriculum lets the kids work at their own level without the pressure of competition. My kids have thrived at this school since preschool, we are blessed to be a part of the Pillars family.

Submitted by a parent · February 04, 2014


My kids have been attending Pillars Academy  since pre-school; my older son is now in 5th grade and my younger in 2nd.

My husband and I decided an Islamic school over public school mainly to surround our kids with Islamic values at home and outside of our home. As Muslim parents we are obligated to introduce and teach Islam to our children. An Islamic school is the best resource to help parents achieve this obligation.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision. Pillars Academy is our BIGGEST peace of mind. We love the caring and loving environment. Our experience with the teachers in all these years has been great. The teachers challenge our kids to strive beyond their grade level; the encouragement they have received has helped them build very strong character. SAT 10 results at the end of every year make it evident that academically Pillars Academy has surpassed public schools. Our kids’ passion and interest for Islam is evident in the Islamic Studies and the Quran classes that not only taught them Islam, but also made them fall in love with it. What more could we ask for?

My husband and I are extremely thankful to Allah (SWT) for two beautiful kids and even more thankful for providing the opportunity and resources to raise them as good Muslims.

May Allah (SWT) make Pillars Academy the most successful Islamic school in Orange County and inshaAllah one day we will say, “Our kids graduated high school from Pillars Academy.”

– Zohra Jamily

When I joined Pillars Academy, I felt at home from the first day. The administration and staff are incredibly welcoming and friendly. The level of professionalism and the high quality of education reassure me that Pillars Academy is the opening road to future success in every aspect of my children’s lives.

– Hanan Amaira

Our 6 year-old has attended Pillars Academy for the past 3 years. She refuses to go to any other school. When she first began preschool, her teacher exhibited genuine love and affection towards her; through this she felt secure in her environment and was less inclined to cling on to us at drop-off time. After a few years of being surrounded by strong Islamic values and positive role models, our daughter has discovered pride in her Muslim identity. She has equally gained both academic and emotional intelligence (the latter is very hard to come by in the world we live in today!). We both strongly agree that Pillars Academy is the best investment we would ever make towards our daughter’s future. We look forward to the coming years, insh’Allah.

– Ayesha Ali

For the past 3 years, I have had two children at Pillars Academy. It is a wonderful school. The teachers and administration really have the best interest of the kids at heart, and are able to provide a true sense of community. The administration is very approachable and open to suggestions from the parents and the community. Parent involvement also continues to grow and make the school stronger. The small classroom sizes are a blessing and allow for individual attention for teachers to cater to my children. My children love to go to school!

– Maisoon Mangrio

At Pillars Academy, I low how the staff and teachers are so friendly and approachable . I love the different social media outlets they use to communicate with parents as well as staff about different events happening at Pillars Academy!!
Pillars Parent

We love Pillars Academy!!! I would say its the “home away from home” feeling that captures one’s heart. The staff and teachers have always been their greatest strengths as they would always go above and beyond to make our children feel safe and loved. Their academic and Islamic studies levels are also right up there, as that strong foundation one needs to build on in all aspects is taken very seriously.
Nadia Shakil

The Best Thing I like about Pillars Academy is that I feel my son is in good hands. It always feels like family there. Everybody is caring and friendly.
Pillars Parent

Sherif S.

It’s an amazing place the dedication and involvement is phenomenal, my kid just loves it, and I notice his advancement right away
They managed to strike the balance between Islamic culture and top modern education concepts
Thanks Management and staff you are the best

Nadia S.

My 3 year old attends preschool there and it has been a wonderful experience. The preschool teacher is so loving but also is able to direct and teach the kids well. My daughter loves her and her approach. I feel comfortable leaving my daughter there knowing she is in a good environment. The other teachers seem great too, as well as the director. You get a good feeling knowing your little one is learning but also safe, happy, and loved.

I have also dropped my son off at their new infant care program. Every time I’ve picked him up, he’s smiling and calm. This last time he even went back into the teacher’s arms after coming to me for a moment. The infant room is very calming, colorful, and filled with great toys and books. I’d highly recommend the infant program.

Muhammed S.

Love the school. My son goes to Pre-K and his teacher is very sweet and caring. The school never has parking problems and it’s next to the Islamic center which makes it super convenient for someone like me. I would send my kid here all the way till high school if they offered it!

Ahmad E.

We tried 3 other preschools and this is by far the best. It’s almost half the price of the other ones too!

The education they provide and the nurturing they give are exceptional. My 3rd child goes there and he’s doing better academically and emotionally than his older siblings who went to the other 3 preschools.

It is an Islamic preschool, so it might not pop up as an option for everyone, but I certainly recommend it for everyone!

We commute all the way from Irvine. That’s proof right there!

Dalia F.

I’m the luckiest that Pillars Academy have a toddler class this year.
My daughter loves the school and her teacher Mrs.Runa and she is really learning good skills and enjoying her time there.
Next year they will have an infant class. I cant wait to send my second daughter too

Madi C.

This has been my first year with pillars and I’ve enjoyed seeing my daughter learn new things. Ms Runa and all the staff have been wonderful. It definitely requires more parent interaction then other daycare type facilities but after a little while I began to enjoy contributing especially being a working mom. It gives you a sense of involvement that others don’t. So far no complaints and I look forward to more years ahead!
May A.

This is our first academic year with pillars academy. My sone goes to preschool there. His teacher is so loving and nurturing. He loves his school and enjoys his time there. I leave him knowing he is in a safe,loving and family like environment. If you live in the Mission Viejo area or around make sure to check it out.

Sayem U.

My son has been going to Pillars Academy for almost a year now. He’s in KG.

Pillars Academy is more than just a school; it’s a tight knit community of warm and caring teachers, professional and well trained staff and concerned and helpful parents. I’ve nothing but good things to say about this amazing school, its teachers, staff and concerned parents. I’ve come to know and appreciate the people who run day to day affairs of this school. I’m very thankful to its teachers who’re fully qualified and always giving their utmost so the pupils can excel in academic pursuits and behavioral arena.

Pillars Academy is an excellent resource for Muslims of South OC. Besides science, math and English language, my son has been taught good and morally upright behavior and how to perform salat along with Qur’anic and Arabic studies. He loves going to this school and interacting with his teachers and peers.

High praise and nothing but the absolute best wishes for the people and teachers of Pillars Academy.
Tuba K.

I love this school and the beautiful management. Everyone is like one close family. This is my son’s third year at the school. He has learned so much Islamic knowledge–I have even learned from him!
Noorzoy N.

I couldn’t have asked for a better school. Moved here from LA county & was so critical of every school while I was researching, but fell in love with Pillars Academy the minute I set foot in the school. Very loving and welcoming teachers & staff. It’s an outstanding school with the best curriculum. My kids adjusted very well. I could go on and on about this excellent school. They are also NAEYC accredited.
Diana K.

Wonderful school. My daughter adores her teachers. I love the way they teach a bit of everything – basic curriculum, Arabic language and Islamic studies. My pre-schooler comes home every day from school with something new she learned.

Mo Sid

Great school for my kid. The teachers are very talented and my son has learnt a lot in Pre-K in less than a month.

Navid Parves

Great school for kids

muhammad alnakash

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